Oman beauty: How to wear makeup for a day at the beach
April 19, 2017 | 5:58 PM
by Antara Bose
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The beach is all about getting your feet sandy, you hair wet and even getting a little salt in your mouth. We all want to flaunt that ‘beachy’ look once we’ve soaked up enough sun (and sea-water); but it takes a lot more than just frolicking at the beach to get that sun-kissed, flawlessly natural, cover-girl-at-the-beach look. But that doesn’t mean you have to spend the day obsessing over your makeup. We’ve rounded up some quick tips to make sure you get your beach makeup just right.[email protected]

1. Face

Beach and foundation don’t go together – not at all. (Unless you plan to sit under an umbrella with hostesses to fan and feed you berries throughout – oh, how majestic.) But we understand that not all of us are blessed with flawless skin that can kiss makeup goodbye. And then there are the UV rays that we all need protection against. SPFs are a must and should be applied before any other product. You can then top it up with a simple BB (beauty-balm) cream for full coverage or just CC (colour -control) creams if you want to only concentrate on particular problem areas. If you don’t have the patience to layer products, simply go for a tinted moisturiser with a good amount of UVA and UVB filters. If you are considering getting a little tan, opt for a tinted moisturiser that is slightly darker than your natural skin tone. This will ensure that you have uniformly toned skin. A particular area you might want to place a little more emphasis on is around the eyes. This delicate and often less focused area is where the first signs of ageing show up and constant unfiltered exposure to sun only catalyses the process. Dabbing on a concealer with some SPF not only protects the skin under the eye but also works to instantly make your face look brighter.

2. Eyebrows

Probably one of the trickiest makeup spots, (and one that has caused much alarm to the ill-informed but experimental souls) eyebrows are actually ones that need the least amount of time and product. When it comes to eyebrows and beach, there is nothing more comfortable and safer than just ensuring they are well shaped and neatly done. But for those who obsess about eyebrows a wee bit more than required, the best bet would be a clear gel to keep flyaway brows at bay. Powder and liquid brow pencils are a straight no-no. Swap it with a pencil in a shade lighter than the natural brow colour and ensure you’ve grounded it with some waterproof gel on your brow as well as the skin beneath it. A brow wash, though might be hilarious for others, is not going to be a pleasant personal experience.

3. Eyeliner

Well, we’ll leave that ‘twinkle in your eyes’ to your secret crush; but you can definitely follow our guide to get that right summer sparkle with your eyeliner. Summer is all about colour and the glistening sands demand you bring out your own glitter-and-glam. Apply a waterproof pencil liner along the lashes in a darker shade for a fuller base and smudge it up a little to spread it over your eyelid. Now, to bring in the shimmer, top it with a sparkling, more vibrant shade in teal, turquoise or even a violet. And then just let your eyes do the talking.

4. Lashes

A day out in the beach demands you to keep your makeup minimal, or at least look like you have minimal makeup on. Mascaras work wonders to give the perfect no-makeup look. Enhance those eyes by applying some heavy-duty waterproof mascara and get ready to flutter away.

5. Lips

Lipsticks are for prom nights, lipsticks are for catwalks. For the beach, say hello to lip tints. The summer sun can be quite harsh on skin and dry lips are prone to get flaky. So bring in the best of both worlds — moisturiser with a dash of colour, in the form of a tinted lip balm. It’s important to maintain the right texture to keep your lips looking luscious through the day. Matte finishes will make you look dull while too much gloss is bound to smear all over in a sticky mess. The trick is to maintain a balance. If you really want more colour than what your lip tint is offering, skip the lipstick and use only a lip liner to add that colour over your lip balm.

6. Bronze and Blush

Don’t try any contouring if you intend to stay out on the beach. It’ll look too artificial and probably won’t even last. Use a bronzer to give you that sultry look and remain as natural as possible. Follow the usual pattern - above your cheekbones, right up to your hairline and on the T-zone (nose, temple, and chin). If you love blush, choose a light colour in peach or pink and dust just a little on the apples of your cheek. Make sure you are not using a cream based formula and avoid bronzers which have too much shimmer.

Bonus: Don’t forget your nail polish. Ditch the subtle colours and go for something that is more fun. As vivacious as sporting nail art is, if you’d rather spend your time getting your skew sticks and swimwear in place than sitting at a nail spa, just do your nails with the fresh colours of the seasons. Bright yellows, intense oranges or vivid shades of blue – nothing is too bright for the beach.

Hi Beauty Editor, Antara Bose is a model turned fashion and beauty consultant. A popular blogger, anchor, and voice over artist, she maintains a deep connection with the local fashion industry and is passionate about discovering and celebrating aspiring talent as well as promoting animal rights. For fashion updates with a side of humour and sarcasm follow Antara on instagram @antarabose and on Facebook (Antara Bose).

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