Agriculture Ministry invites Omani date producers to these outlets

Oman Friday 24/September/2021 11:15 AM
By: Times News Service
Agriculture Ministry invites Omani date producers to these outlets
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Muscat: The Ministry of Agricultural, Fisheries and Water Resources has invited date producers to participate in the marketing outlets for sale of their products. This will be organised by the ministry next month.

The ministry said in an announcement: "The ministry announced the organisation of marketing outlets for the sale of Omani dates in one of the commercial centres in the Governorate of Muscat from 22 to 31 October, 2021."

"Those who wish to display their products of dates and their derivatives within the categories (date factories, dates packing and packaging units, household industries, and small and medium enterprises) can submit their requests for subscription via the link," The ministry added.

Those who want to participate need to meet these requirements:

1. The participant must be Omani and work in the dates sector.

2. Fill out the participation form and complete all the required data.

3. Have a commercial register.

4. The dates offered or manufactured should be Omani dates harvested in the 2021 season, except for the Fardh date 2020 harvested crop can be displayed in the outlets.

5. The Omani date products shall be presented in appropriate packages of different sizes, with all product data labelled on them in accordance with the Omani standard specifications for packages. Requests that do not meet the conditions and specifications will not be considered.

6. The participants in the marketing outlets will be divided into two batches and the duration of participation for each batch will be five days in the outlet.