This weekend create a capsule wardrobe, season by season

T-Mag Wednesday 01/September/2021 19:35 PM
By: Articlecity

Does getting dressed in the morning seem like a harder decision than you think it should be? Is your closet full of clothes, yet you always feel as though you have nothing to wear? This can make choosing an outfit quite challenging. So this weekend instead of going out on a long drive or to your favourite restaurant for that special brunch, stay home and create a capsule wardrobe for yourself.

A capsule wardrobe is a small collection of pieces that complement each other and can be worn interchangeably. This refined wardrobe consists of neutral-coloured, timeless pieces that never go out of style. By mixing and matching different pieces from your curated wardrobe, you’re able to create a variety of outfits with the same limited number of wardrobe essentials. There is no strict list of items needed for the perfect wardrobe, instead, the contents vary from person to person and should reflect your personal style. As you build your wardrobe, you better develop your aesthetic.

The term capsule wardrobe was coined in the 1970s by wardrobe consultant and author Susie Faux. She founded a clothing boutique in London called Wardrobe to supply women with essential pieces that could be worn together in a variety of ways and made them feel confident.

This fashion trend is once again in the spotlight as Marie Kondo’s popularity illustrates an increased focus on how minimalism, decluttering, and intentional consumerism can improve our lives.

There are multiple benefits of a refined closet that make it highly desirable.

Less decision fatigue
Decision fatigue is exhausting. From the moment you wake up until the end of your day, you have to make countless decisions. A capsule wardrobe eases your decision-making burden by providing you with fewer clothes to choose from that all work well together and make you feel confident. Instead of trying to choose from an endless selection of clothing pieces, your curated wardrobe has a limited number of pieces that all go well together.

More sustainable
Another highly appreciated benefit is that a minimalist wardrobe translates to a more sustainable wardrobe. One of the founding tenets of this type of wardrobe is that you purchase fewer articles of clothing that are of a higher quality so you can wear them longer and more often, which is ultimately better for the planet. Shopping for a capsule closet is very intentional and only results in a select few pieces that you will wear many times.

Saving money is another perk. When you buy pieces of clothing intentionally, you reduce the amount of shopping you need to do. Instead, each of these articles of clothing can be worn multiple ways ensuring you’ll wear them regularly. A refined wardrobe prevents you from spending money on pieces you’ll rarely wear.

Saves time
How much time do you spend shopping for clothes in stores or online? With so many options to choose from, it can take hours to narrow down your choices, and there’s no guarantee you’ll wear the pieces you buy. A capsule wardrobe saves you time by targeting your purchases on the exact pieces you need. Not only that but selecting your outfit each morning from a thoughtfully curated closet also lessens the amount of time it takes to get dressed in the morning.

Stress minimiser
Have you ever gotten dressed only to feel the need to change your outfit multiple times because nothing feels comfortable or gives you the confidence you want? Here’s where else a refined wardrobe benefits you. Every piece in your collection fits well and feels good. When your wardrobe consists of your favorite pieces, you can do no wrong, and getting dressed no longer feels stressful.

No matter where you live, as seasons change, so do your wardrobe choices. Over the years, you may have found your closet accumulated more seasonal-specific clothing pieces than you could ever wear. Rather than continue to look at your closet’s visual clutter, pare it down by creating a minimalist wardrobe for every season.

Spring capsule: Lovely and light

Everything feels lighter in the spring, including your wardrobe! As flowers begin to bloom, keep your look fresh with cardigans, denim, classic sneakers, and other foundational basics.

Summer capsule: Full sun ahead
Summer months mean higher temperatures and more outdoor time. Your capsule wardrobe for this season should include lightweight fabrics and styles like t-shirts, shorts, summer dresses, and sandals.

Fall capsule: Cue the falling leaves
Fall weather can be unpredictable, so you’ll want to include neutral pieces that not only pair well together but also offer a variety of layering options.

Winter capsule: Bundle up
Staying warm, cozy, and stylish is the theme of a winter capsule wardrobe. Pieces in your capsule closet collection for this season include sweaters, coats, pants, boots, and winter accessories made of heavier fabrics and darker colours.