Authority reveals mandatory health insurance exceptions in Oman

Oman Sunday 31/March/2019 10:41 AM
By: Times News Service
Authority reveals mandatory health insurance exceptions in Oman

Muscat: The Capital Market Authority has revealed the scope and exceptions of the new mandatory health insurance measures which will be implemented the day after it is published in Oman’s official gazette.
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According to the law, which is mainly comprehensive for basic healthcare and coverage, and allows companies to opt for higher-tier insurance schemes, there are exceptions.

The law states, “The following conditions are excluded from implementation of the mandate: Premeditated self-inflicted injuries, experimental treatment, pre-existing conditions, comprehensive check-ups that do not require medical treatment as per the law, any checkups or health services that are done for non-medical reasons such as travel, insurance, or gaining a permit.”

The law also excludes personal dangers that occur outside the workplace, alternative medicines, diseases that come from substance abuse such as alcoholism or overuse of prescriptions.

The laws does not include paying for plastic surgery, unless is it required due to an injury included in the law, costs related to dental care such as fitting new teeth or braces, as long as they are not the reason of a workplace injury, nor does it include vision-correction or clearing of the nasal passages, or treating baldness, or weight control, or treatments for infertility.

Furthermore, the medical insurance does not include sexually-transmitted diseases, or the costs associated after a person is diagnosed with HIV or a similar disease.

The law also includes cases of organ or bone marrow transplants, and externally prescribed equipment that are not considered medication.