Part time work contracts limited to Omanis: Ministry

Oman Sunday 11/July/2021 13:24 PM
By: Times News Service
Part time work contracts limited to Omanis: Ministry
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Muscat: Part time work contracts will be limited to Omanis only, according to the decision issued by the Ministry of Labour regarding the regulation of part time work.

The decision stated that the temporary work employee must be an Omani and over the age of 15 years, and that a work contract should be concluded between the two parties showing the work relationship, the agreed salary and the working hours, the service or the agreed upon product  which should be less than the full contract .

His Excellency Dr. Mahahad bin Saeed bin Ali Baween, Minister of Labour, issued Ministerial Resolution No. 115/2021 regarding the organisation of part-time work, which stated: Based on the Labour Law issued by Royal Decree No. 35/2003, and Royal Decree No. 89/2020, establishing the Ministry of Labour and determining its terms of reference and the adoption of its organisational structure, and to Ministerial Resolution No. 217/2016 regarding the system of employment of juveniles and the businesses and professions in which they may be employed, and to Ministerial Resolution No. 40/2017 regarding the  regulation of part-time work, and based on what is required by the public interest that has been decided.

Article One: It works in the matter of regulating part-time work according to the attached provisions.
Article Two: The aforementioned Ministerial Resolution No. 40/2017 is repealed, as well as everything that contradicts this decision or contravenes its provisions.

The second article states that the employer may employ job seekers, retirees, students of public education or higher education, or workers in the private sector in the part-time work system.