Clarification issued on flights between Oman and India

Oman Wednesday 16/June/2021 12:47 PM
By: Times News Service
Clarification issued on flights between Oman and India

Muscat: The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), has clarified about the operated flights between Oman and India.

"The Civil Aviation Authority would like to note that flights between the Sultanate and the Republic of India operate in accordance with the decisions issued by the Supreme Committee to deal with COVID-19. The main objective of these flights is to transport citizens of the Republic of India wishing to return to their country and to ship health supplies and goods necessary for Oman, in addition to facilitating the return of citizens, diplomats and health workers from the Republic of India to Oman,” the CAA said in a statement.

CAA added that competent authorities in Oman are also monitoring the small number of Omanis, diplomats and health workers coming to Oman on these flights, who are not allowed to board the flight without testing negative for Covid-19 at the departure point. Then they are re-examined upon their arrival in Oman, and they are quarantined in accordance with the health regulations, and re-examined for a third time on the last day of the quarantine period.

 "The following statistics show the number and category of passengers arriving from India on flights operating between the Republic of India and Oman for the period from June 7, to June 13,  2021:

1- Oman Air: 14 flights, a total of 58 passengers arrived including 14 citizens and 44 foreigners at a rate of less than 5 passengers per flight. All of them from the excluded categories.

2- SalamAir: Only one flight, with two Omani passengers arriving.

3- Air India: Eight flights, with a total of 34 passengers including one citizen, and 33 foreign passengers, arrived at an average of less than five passengers only per flight. All of whom are from the excluded categories.

4- Air India Express: 11 flights, with a total of 47 passengers including two citizens, and 45 foreign passengers, at a rate of less than five passengers only per flight. All of them are from the excluded categories," the CAA added.