More than 215,000 expat workers left Oman in the past 12 months

Oman Saturday 22/May/2021 18:11 PM
By: Times News Service
More than 215,000 expat workers left Oman in the past 12 months

Muscat: More than 215,000 expatriate workers have left Oman between March 2021 and March 2020, according to figures from the National Centre for Statistics and Information.

218,000 expatriate employees left the Sultanate in the twelve months from March of last year to March this year.

Expats employed in the government sector fell from 53,332 to 49,898, while in the private sector, expat worker figures dropped from 1,608,781, to 1,403,287.

During this period, there has also been a decrease in the number of expatriates holding higher education qualifications.

This is based on the e-census of population, housing, and establishments, whose results were announced on 14 December last year. As part of this effort, more than nine million records were uploaded onto the census database.

This includes the administrative records of more than 20 government and private bodies, which cover nearly a thousand subjects, including data related to expatriate workers.

In the wake of so many expatriates leaving the country, their corresponding data has been corrected in the system to reflect the latest updates.

People have been informed about changes in population through media campaigns that shed awareness of the social, economic, educational and professional information of locals and expatriates in the country.