Over OMR 400,000 collected in Oman for Palestine support

Oman Saturday 22/May/2021 12:37 PM
By: Times News Service
Over OMR 400,000 collected in Oman for Palestine support
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Muscat: Donations of more than OMR 400,000 have been collected during the last 10 days to support Palestine and the reconstruction of Gaza after the Israeli occupation attack on Gaza.

Since the beginning of the Israeli occupation’s attack on Gaza, there have been calls to collect donations to help the Palestinians and rebuild Gaza.

Dar Al Atta Association launched a campaign for Palestine in cooperation with Oman Charitable Organization and managed to collect OMR 17,205 for Palestine.

The association said: "Because we trust your humanity, we invite you to extend a helping hand to the people of Palestine. All donations are collected and transferred to the Omani Authority for Charitable Activities, which in turn will ensure the purchase of medicines and medical supplies needed by hospitals in the areas in occupied Palestine. "

Dar Al Attaa works in cooperation with the Omani Authority for Charitable Activities, which will ship medicines and medical supplies, and deliver them to the Sultanate's embassy in Ramallah. From there the embassy will oversee the distribution of the medical aid.

"You can help our brothers in Palestine by donating via trusted official channels Use your publishing skills to educate the people around you " write, draw, photograph, sing " Support any project that allocates its profits for the benefit of Palestine and remember our brothers in Palestine in your prayers."Dar Al Attaa added.

According to donate.om, Oman Charitable Organization, has received donations of more than OMR 600,000 for Palestine, where OMR 392,923 of them collected in the last 10 days.

In more details Oman Charitable Organization donation distributed to OMR 292,366 for people in Gaza, OMR 36934 to sponsoring Palestine's orphans, and 16773 for projects in Palestine.