Public employment law will be in favour of employees: Ministry of Labour

Oman Tuesday 18/May/2021 18:28 PM
By: Times News Service
Public employment law will be in favour of employees: Ministry of Labour
Muscat: The public employment law will be in favour of the productive employees, Ministry of Labour said on Tuesday.

A statement issued online by the Ministry of Labour said: “ The public employment law is balanced, flexible and in favour of productive employees and that working in the private sector does not deprive the citizen of exploring other opportunities in another sector,( the freedom to move between sectors)and promotions will be given based on hard work and achievement of the employee according to productivity and smart objective performance indicators that are measurable and far from personalisation”

Regarding the rumours about the impact of allowances, Ministry of Labour denied that it will be measured between spouses.

“It is better not to wait for the ideal job, but to join the one that is currently available to build a curriculum vitae(CV) and gain experience. Job seekers can find part-time work and benefit from it to gain more skills and benefits that do not interfere with them in order to obtain a job opportunity in all sectors,” Ministry said.

“Citizens who are registered in the private sector have reached 9715 contracts, including 3010 job opportunities for the first time, and job opportunities in the government reached 4,051 of which 3422 are under procedures and 629 jobs with on applicants. The number of jobs related to training programs with the opportunity of employment, and on-the-job training and entrepreneurship Jobs 2011. The Ministry of Labor is the body responsible for organizing and monitoring the labour market,” Ministry added.