Z-Corp supports ‘Omani-Kuwaiti Night’ programme organised by Injaz Oman

Roundup Monday 03/May/2021 14:48 PM
By: Times News Service
Z-Corp supports ‘Omani-Kuwaiti Night’ programme organised by Injaz Oman

Muscat: The Zubair Corporation (Z-Corp) has partnered with Injaz Oman to support the virtual ‘Omani-Kuwaiti Night’ programme organised in cooperation with Injaz Kuwait.

The ‘Omani-Kuwaiti Night’ programme, which was a series of digital meetings, was attended by several Kuwaiti and Omani student companies. Many students’ companies from Oman had a platform to meet with their peers from Injaz Kuwait as part of this series.

This programme encompassed a set of challenges and aimed to enhance the understanding of cultures between Omani and Kuwaiti student companies. It also aimed to enrich experiences between student companies by facilitating contact between Omani youths with their counterparts from the Kuwaiti side. The number of participating teams was about 25, and each team consisted of five people.

The meetings include many sections such as ‘N1 Marketer’, ‘short conversations’, ‘treasure hunt’, ‘wisdom and insights’ and ‘Injaz debates’.

In the section ‘marketer’ programme, one person from a team was nominated to compete in the contest. Each team had only half a minute to market the product intended for it, as the products were distributed randomly among the participating teams.

The marketing video posts were uploaded on Instagram and the most voted video was the winner.
In the ‘short conversations’ section, an entrepreneurial activist was selected to speak for 20 minutes on a specific topic. This event aimed to motivate the participants and convey the speaker's experience by presenting his success story, which contributed to motivating and inspiring the participating youth.

In the ‘treasure hunt’ section, each team had to pass seven different and interesting stages between culture and fun by solving some puzzles and moving between puzzles between scanning a specific barcode. This programme was divided into several stages, namely, the dialect challenge "Oman", the dialect challenge of Kuwait, the joint food challenge, the Kuwaiti personalities challenge, the Omani personality challenge, the joint tourism challenge, the joint achievement challenge, and conclusion.

In the ‘wisdom and insights’ programme, the game was divided into five stages for each team. The well-known wisdom proverbs were explained in signs by a person chosen from a team, the well-known proverb was guessed by the opposing team.

The ‘Injaz debates’ was divided into three stages: the qualifying stage, the semi-final stage, and the final stage, where a title was chosen and each team have to speak ‘for’ or ‘against’.

Khaula Bint Hamoud Al Harthy, Executive Director of Injaz Oman, said, “We are happy to cooperate with Injaz Kuwait in organising this wonderful programme which provided a cross-cultural exposure and a global perspective to the students. The programme witnessed strong competition between the participating teams, which contributed to promoting a set of good business values among students.

"The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted a shift in meetings and events, many moving from in-person gatherings to a more virtual implementation and we were happy to have successfully organised this skill-building programme on a virtual platform. In the coming months, we seek to organise more such programmes through cooperation with our counterparts from other countries. We thank Injaz Kuwait for this wonderful Ramadan evening, and we hope during the coming period to strengthen cooperation among them. We also thank the Zubair Corporation for supporting this programme.”

Laila Hilal Al-Mutairi, Chief Executive Officer, Injaz Kuwait, said, “The evening contributed greatly to support our efforts in developing the skills of the participating students. We thank Injaz Oman for this constructive cooperation in enhancing the skills of the participating students.”

Ibrahim Al Salmi, General Manager, Corporate Communications, The Zubair Corporation said, “As a leading private sector player we know that it is essential to align our strategies with a core focus on young people especially in the field of entrepreneurship. We are always happy to equip young people to build the skills, confidence, and connections they need to become successful entrepreneurs. The ‘Omani-Kuwaiti Night’ programme brought together the youth of Oman and Kuwait. The gathering offered a platform for the youth from both countries to exchange knowledge and experiences. They benefited from gaining fresh perspectives and got the opportunity to cooperate with regional partners.”