Fatigue of Bio Secure Bubble

Opinion Saturday 24/April/2021 17:36 PM
By: Anis Sajan, Managing Director, Danube group
Fatigue of Bio Secure Bubble

The IPL is at its second week and just heating up but the impact of bio secure bubble has already started effecting the players.

Now first of all what's a Bio Secure Bubble? It's an environment which is created by the organizers keeping in mind the risk of the pandemic which is cut off from the outside world. Everyone engaged in the league, that is the players, support staff, umpires and grounds man will be limited only to a few places where in they can move around. This bio secure bubble is created to minimize the risk of contact from the outside world from infection which can disrupt the whole league if it affects a player or anyone

involved in the middle of the league.

Most of the sporting world be it with European Football league, matches in Australia, England and even the series against England in India were all played in the bio secure bubble. Even the last IPL played in UAE was under a strict bio secure environment where firstly the players who join in have to be in minimum 7 days quarantine where in you are just confined to your room and to the extent even clean your room so that you don't come in contact with anyone from outside. After three negative tests one is eligible to join the team and then go around with the team to the stadium and back to the hotel. In fact most of the hotel staffs are also not allowed to leave for their homes till the tournament is over.

Staying in such a tough and tight environment is putting a toll on the mental health of the players and that's called as Bubble Fatigue. Not all players can withstand such an environment where in you are cut off from the outside world except being in touch with your closed ones through zoom calls or other social media platforms or through phone.

Liam Livingston of England was the latest to go back in the middle of the tournament as he could not withstand the strict bio secure bubble which resulted in to mental Fatigue. Before that Hazelwood of Australia pulled out prior to the tournament begun and was Josh Philippe who backed out as well The best way to keep the players not feel home sick is to create environment where they feel at home and not lost. Mumbai Indians was one of the teams which booked the hotel in Abu Dhabi and created an environment where it had a beach facility, a recreation center where the players could relax and unwind. They also went on to the extent of giving all the players an option to take their families along with them so that they don't miss them and have that feel good factor. Some teams have also provided a psychiatrist to understand and closely monitor the player’s mental health.

As much as players are privileged to play a sport that provides them financial security and keeps them in touch with the game, players need a break to avoid bubble fatigue as when the mind takes over the heart, it takes a mental toll on players’ health.