Central Bank of Oman unveils new brand identity

Oman Sunday 11/April/2021 13:28 PM
By: Times News Service
Central Bank of Oman unveils new brand identity

Muscat: The Central Bank of Oman (CBO), has unveiled a new brand identity aimed at better reflecting its role in Oman’s economic sector.

The renewed CBO brand reflects its role, aspirations and its core mandate through which the organisation seeks to promote the well-being of the banking and financial sector in the country, and thereby contribute to enhancing the prosperity and the overall economic development of the Sultanate.

As part of the brand makeover, CBO presents its renewed logo, which mainly comprises of two significant elements; an Icon - featuring drawings and motifs - and a wordmark comprising the name of the organisation ‘Central Bank of Oman’ in Arabic and English lettering. The National Emblem of the Sultanate features at the centre of the icon, which is surrounded by motifs derived from the Omani Banknotes issued previously, vis-à-vis the 20 Rial banknote issued commemorating the 40th National Day and the 50 Rial banknote issued commemorating the 50th National Day (6th issue).

The motifs, which are placed at the centre of the logo, create a mental image in one’s mind, and present a strong perception and visual, symbolising the primary authority of the bank and indicating its vision, mission and goals.

Similarly, the colours of the logo have been designed in chromatic bonding between the Red colour (taken from the original logo colour of the CBO and being the dominant colour in the Omani flag of the Sultanate), and the Golden colour (representing the rich Omani history and its authentic values).

It may be noted that the brand renewal project was carried out and executed internally as part of an effort from CBO employees, led by the Communication and Media Department of the Central Bank of Oman.

Meanwhile, the Central Bank of Oman has also announced the launch of its verified social media account with the official handle as (CentralBank_OM). With the launch of social media, CBO expects to begin an era of fast-paced two-way communication. It also seeks to create rapid awareness among people about its roles in the economy including the supervisory and regulatory roles and responsibilities.

In a statement issued on the occasion, Tahir Salim Al Amri, the Executive President of Central Bank of Oman, noted that CBO is seeking to strengthen its communication infrastructure with the society by reaching out in a faster and user-friendly manner.

“With the launch of the social media accounts, CBO intends to create greater awareness among the public, especially about its role as a central bank and about its contribution in maintaining the financial and banking stability in the Sultanate,” Al Amri said.
Similarly, the fast-paced nature of the social media will also equip CBO to promptly deal with rumours and redress any misleading information reported about the bank or the sector, Al Amri added.