Saturday 19/September/2020 11:56 AM
<{"id":111,"namespace":"App\\Models\\Post","slug":"tourism","name":"Tourism","count":2} class="post-title"> Oman’s inbound tourism rises to OMR2.3 billion in last 4 years
Muscat: The spending of inbound tourism increased in the last four years of the current five-year plan to OMR2.3 billion, compared to OMR2.1 billion in the...
Wednesday 25/January/2023 09:15 AM
<{"id":111,"namespace":"App\\Models\\Post","slug":"tourism","name":"Tourism","count":2} class="post-title"> Hot air balloon, cable cars to boost tourism in Oman
Muscat: Adventurers in Oman can look forward to a host of recreational activities with the introduction of cable cars and hot air balloon in the...