Sunday 14/July/2024 20:30 PM

Art of managing re-investment risk

Managing re-investment risk is a very important aspect of financial planning. Re-investment risk refers to the risk of re-investing the periodical coupon or...

Sunday 14/July/2024 19:23 PM

A job that threatens your health

I was sitting all alone in a coffee shop when I noticed an old friend standing a few hundred meters away from me looking completely lost.

Sunday 07/July/2024 19:10 PM

Monday column: The sunlight in my mind

On an emotionally charged evening, I walked in the middle of a café street, my mind deep in a chaotic turmoil.I watched a girl skipping in front of her...

Tuesday 25/June/2024 20:02 PM

Income tax is an economic necessity for Oman

Income tax is levied in almost all countries of the world; with the exception of a very few, one of which is the Sultanate of Oman, and there was some talk...

Sunday 23/June/2024 17:40 PM

Why don’t holidays last forever?

The Eid holiday has passed so quickly that it has left my head reeling. Why don’t holidays last forever?I woke up in the morning yesterday and looked...