Liverpool not looking to take revenge against Real Madrid: Klopp

Sports Tuesday 06/April/2021 14:25 PM
Liverpool not looking to take revenge against Real Madrid: Klopp

Madrid: Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has said that his side is not looking to take any kind of revenge against Real Madrid in the upcoming Champions League quarterfinal leg one fixture.  

The talk about the match between Liverpool and Real Madrid has surrounded around their meeting in 2018 final in Kyiv, which Real Madrid managed to win 3-1.

"We are not on a revenge tour here. I don't believe too much in revenge, but it would be nice to get through, because it would mean we are in the next round My motivation is on the highest level because it's the Champions League, we play Real Madrid and we want to go to the next round. It has nothing to do with 2018. When we got the draw, of course, I remembered the game because it was the first time we have played each other since," quoted Klopp as saying.

In the 2018 final against Liverpool, Sergio Ramos had a night to remember for Real Madrid and he was the destructor-in-chief. However, Ramos will miss the fixture against Liverpool this time around due to an injury.

"I said after that 2018 game that if somebody asked me in a press conference a week later or a month later if I would invite Sergio Ramos to my 60th birthday, then I would say no! Meanwhile, I would think about it again. It's not that he's not a great footballer but I didn't like what happened that night. It was a strange night for us, but it's long ago and I cannot get that feeling, that anger, back," said Klopp.

"I can only try to prepare my team to show tomorrow how good we are as a football team. It's a strange season and a difficult season for us, but we want to show how good we are, and if we are better than Real Madrid and can score more goals, then we go to the next round. And if not then Real Madrid will," he added.

Talking about Liverpool's chances in the match against Madrid, Klopp said: "Our team is built for these kinds of games, when we face a football-playing side. That's why we have a chance, absolutely."

"I heard outside that everybody says Real Madrid is a favourite. Great! No problem at all with that. They are used to the role, and we have no problem with the role of challenger," he added.

Liverpool and Real Madrid will take on each other later today in the Champions League.