Young Omani entrepreneur’s turban venture wins praise

We Love Oman Monday 05/April/2021 20:39 PM
Young Omani entrepreneur’s turban venture wins praise

Salalah: Omamaty (my turban), a project for ready made turbans, is one of the small and medium  enterprise sectors' successful projects in the Wilayat of Salalah that has received appreciation and prizes at the Sultanate’s level.

Young entrepreneur, Hamad bin Ahmed Suwailm, owner of Rawabi Al Khaleej Establishment    (Omamaty),  said that he started his project in 2015 by designing a ready made Omani turban for all age categories, which is produced in different colours and textile.

He said that the idea behind the project has turned into a well-planned work and from there into the production stage, thanks to the support of the Authority  for SMEs Development (former Al Raffd Fund).

The success of the project has encouraged me to open three branches at the Sultanate’s level, he said, adding, he registered ‘Omamaty’ as a trademark , intellectual property and industrial innovation certificate with the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Investment Promotion.  

He also pointed to that “it is important for the project owner to carefully study all aspects of the project and to avail all the facilities and finance that are being offered by the concerned authorities.”

The factors behind the success of any project were planning, determination on providing new and innovative products,  establishing constructive relations and the ability to manage risks and challenges that may face the project, he said.

Hamad has participated in a number of exhibitions and competitions in the field of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and his project ‘Omamaty’ has received several awards including Salalah Award of Excellence and Innovation 2018 and Riyada Award for the Best Small Business 2020.