A slice of Oman’s rich heritage

Oman Saturday 03/April/2021 21:17 PM
A slice of Oman’s rich heritage

Ibri: The residential areas of the wilayat of Ibri, besides its old souq, are of the oldest areas and souqs in the Sultanate with historic buildings dating back to over 500 years. Located at the junctions of travellers and traders, such historic buildings were famous for their economic value throughout the history.

Harat Al Raml, one of the old districts, in the wilayat of Ibri stands a testimony to the determinations of people in the past who faced immense challenges daily due to difficult conditions.

Harat Al Janour, is one of the oldest districts with its ways/lanes and old houses still stand amidst ruins. The old houses and buildings are characterised with the use of arches, unique windows’ decoration, columns and big doors, which reflect the beauty of architectural engineering in Oman.

Harat Al Atash still maintains the beauty of its houses built of clay and palm trunks besides the use of columns, arches and big doors.

Harat Al Shanadid is also one of the famous districts with a few houses and landmarks remain till date including Bait Al Oud , Masjid Al Shuja’a and Masjid Ali bin Said. This is in addition to other residential areas such as Harat Al Zayada and Harat Zainab.