Injaz Oman’s Student Company Programme’s competition moves to advanced stage

Roundup Tuesday 30/March/2021 18:30 PM
By: Times News Service
Injaz Oman’s Student Company Programme’s competition moves to advanced stage

Muscat: The ninth edition of the Student Company Programme’s competition has moved to an advanced stage and participating students are now in the process of writing the report and finalising its designs.

The Zubair Corporation (Z-Corp) had recently signed a sponsorship agreement with Injaz Oman to support the ninth edition of the Student Company Programme.

While the number of student companies participating this year reached 90, in all-around 950 students are participating in the competition from different governorates and regions of the Sultanate in the programme. Injaz Oman’s Student Company Programme aims to enable university students and private colleges to establish real projects after receiving qualification and training from a group of qualified experts in the field of entrepreneurship during the period of their participation in the programme.

Khaula Al  Harthy CEO of Injaz Oman said, “The first stage of the competition was to receive applications for participation in the competition. The turnout has been really great, and we are overwhelmed by the response. Following the application process, the student companies sent their proposals. We contacted each team separately and discussed the ideas giving them suggestions and recommendations to make a success of the proposals. After this stage, the participating teams were filtered to 80. Subsequently, the companies worked on the idea by visiting the institutions interested in their area of specialities to develop the concept further and work on the prototype, and thereby prove the quality of their products.”

She added, “During the competition period, several Kaif workshops were held to enrich students' knowledge on how to choose and develop an idea, how to market this idea, how to obtain patents, and how medium and small enterprises operate.”

The participating teams have now passed the idea, team building and modifications phase. They have also conducted modifications to their idea and tested it on the ground and worked on the initial product after obtaining necessary permits.
Presently the students are working on writing the report, which will be submitted to Injaz Oman on April 3.

The Student Company Programme falls within Z-Corp and Injaz Oman’s strategies to support education, training and entrepreneurship.

Injaz Oman works with students between the ages of 5-24 years through implementing programmes in middle schools, high schools, vocational colleges, and universities. Their various programmes help prepare students for future success in Oman’s private sector based on three core pillars including entrepreneurship, work readiness and financial literacy.

Ibrahim Al Salmi Communication General Manager Z-Corp said, “We are happy with the progress the competition has achieved. As a private-sector organisation, Z-Corp is delighted to be working in partnership with Injaz Oman and support the Omani youth to develop their entrepreneurial skills. Injaz Oman’s Student Company Programme complements Z-Corp’s social responsibility strategy in championing education, training, and inspiring entrepreneurship.”

The Student Company Programme will encourage young aspiring students and create a platform for innovative talent across the country. It will inspire students to craft their own experiences which will empower them to develop an innovative mindset. We are pleased that one of the objectives of the programme is to create innovators and potential job creators of the country.”

Through the Student Company Programme, Injaz Oman strives to educate young people about entrepreneurship and motivate them to consider it as a career option. This will encourage them to actively participate in the Sultanate’s business sphere. The support from a private sector organisation like Zubair Corporation means a lot to Inajaz Oman since this programme helps young people gain awareness about the intricacies and rewards entrepreneurship and business in today’s world.

Student Company Programme offers a unique learning experience for students, helping them to establish their own companies and engage in entrepreneurship. The programme offers a learning experience that enables and enhances many skills, which complement and enrich the students’ performance in their academic education.

Student Company Programme is one of Injaz Oman’s successful initiatives. Through it, it has discovered and highlighted the talents and capabilities of Omani youth. By participating in this programme, students from diverse academic backgrounds learn about real-life business procedures and functions, the challenges and benefits of entrepreneurship, and the contribution that entrepreneurs make to the economies and societies of the region.