Majlis Al Shura's sessions to go live in Oman?

Business Friday 27/May/2016 21:46 PM
By: Times News Service
Majlis Al Shura's sessions to go live in Oman?

Muscat: Majlis Al Shura’s sessions might be broadcast live for the public again, according to a senior Shura official.
“This was suggested by one member and it was considered by the council, but there are a number of procedures that should be followed before announcing such a decision,” said Mohammed Al Ghassani, a member of the Majlis Al Shura’s management office.
He added that the council shall address the Public Authority for Radio and Television and check the possibility of broadcasting the session of the council live to people. “The purpose of live broadcast to the public is to ensure transparency and convey the information in a better manner to the public,” said Al Ghassani.
Mohammed Al Kindi, a member of Shura, said all the work of members is not conveyed to the public. “The TV shows only a part of the session, which involves the questioning of ministers, not the entire proceedings.”
He explained that the council enjoys a number of privileges that needs to be presented to the public. “When there is a need to stop the broadcasts, the members can vote and decide,” said Al Kindi. He added that there are many people who should be able to see their issues being addressed in the council.
The Majlis Al Shura has implemented a new strategy for tackling public interest topics while holding a session with government officials. “The head of each committee invites experts to get detailed information about the topic,” said Al Ghassani. He said such specialists discuss issues from different aspects allowing the members to raise more points during the session.
“This will lead to a more comprehensive discussion on topics involving the public which in turn will lead to a better standard of public satisfaction,” said Al Ghassani.