Oman witnesses 85 hospitalised patients in 24 hours

Oman Thursday 25/March/2021 14:33 PM
By: Times News Service
Oman witnesses 85 hospitalised patients in 24 hours
Muscat: The Sultanate has registered for the first time more than 85 hospitalized patients within 24 hours, according to data from the Ministry of Health, pointing to a significant increase in new cases of coronavirus infections in the region.
On Thursday, according to the statistics made available on Tarassud, the coronavirus monitoring app launched by the ministry showed that the number of those hospitalized during the past 24 hours reached 89, bringing the total to 419 cases, which is the first time that the Sultanate has registered this number of hospitalized people at hospitals.
There was a 10% increase in the number of patients in intensive care resulting in 12 cases, thereby bringing the total number of patients in the intensive care to 128. The Sultanate also recorded six deaths during the past 24 hours bringing the total to 1,650 and 733 new cases of Coronavirus, according to the daily report of the Ministry of Health.
A 12% increase in the number of hospitalized patients in a day, resulting in an increase of 46 cases in a day is a serious indicator of the Covid situation. The Ministry stated that the total number of registered cases in the Sultanate is 153,838 cases, the recovered 140,766, by 92 percent, and 1650 deaths, by 1.1 percent.
 The Ministry urges everyone to strictly follow the sanitary isolation procedures, which include a separate room and a separate toilet, and that the isolated person servicing it from outside the room is carried out according to the instructions. It also calls upon all citizens and residents to keep cleaning their hands with soap and water, to avoid touching the face, nose, mouth, and eyes without washing hands if you had outside contact, to use masks, follow healthy habits while sneezing and coughing, and to strictly adhere to the social and physical distancing instructions issued by the Supreme Committee and the Ministry of Health, and not to leave homes unless necessary.