Taxation Authority holds workshops on VAT

Oman Monday 22/March/2021 20:47 PM
Taxation Authority holds workshops on VAT

Muscat: Taxation Authority has organised a number of workshops for its employees as part of the training activities related to Value Added Tax (VAT, which would be implemented with effect from April 16.

The workshops have tackled the concept of VAT, supply of goods and methods of supply, goods and services not subjected to tax and the mechanisms for registration in the portal of the Taxation Authority, details of calculation of the VAT, taxable goods and services and supplies exempted from tax.

The workshop also tackled the mechanisms of tax control, methods of collection of VAT and reconsideration of tax estimates, postponement of tax payment, tax disputes and penalties among other issues.

The workshops came following issuance of the Executive Regulation of the VAT, published in the Official Gazette and which included over 13 chapters and 211 articles.