Book Bites: Books for a better life, and a charming children's tale

Wednesday 17/March/2021 19:53 PM
By: NewsUSA
Book Bites: Books for a better life, and a charming children's tale

The End of Migraines: 150 Ways to Stop Your Pain
by Alexander Mauskop M.D.

This incisive cutting-edge approach to migraine treatment is highly readable, informative and hopeful, offering ingredients that migraine sufferers can benefit from. The author has treated thousands of patients with migraine during decades of clinical experience. What resonates is how practical a resource this proves to be; one is able to own one's migraine tendencies and have the knowledge needed to improve his or her condition. The author's approach includes understanding environmental triggers, the value of exercise, meditation and diet. It also details alternative approaches including acupuncture and  reflexology along with traditional medications prescribed to migraineurs. The breakdown of medications, citing the positive and negative effects, is particularly useful.

Transcending Depression:Quest Without a Compass
by  Larry Godwin

Are you or a loved one depressed? This story chronicles the author's mental illness over 49 years, as well as his attempts to understand it and cope with it. Selected entries from his journals relate insights about the origin of his disorder, his thoughts and feelings, and his reactions to events, as influenced by psychiatric medications and supplements.The primary motivations are to save lives and encourage others who grapple with either chronic depression or occasional bouts. This book can also help family members and friends of the mentally ill, and their caregivers, find compassion and enable them to understand the struggle.  

The Tale of Ferdinand Frog
by Mark Hughes

A clever, sweet story and holds so much wisdom and deep truth all at once. Ferdinand Frog is in love with Felicity Fogmore-Frog. But Ferdinand's way to Felicity's heart is blocked by the evil snake Samuel, who is determined to take Felicity for his own. Children will be mesmerized by the amazing story of how Ferdinand and his friend Wrinkle skin Rat embark on a magical quest, overcoming many obstacles in order to meet with the wise and all-loving Osmiroid Owl. The owl opens Ferdinand's mind and spirit to show him how a kindly and peace-loving frog can overcome the evil power and strength of Samuel and win Felicity's heart forever.

The Art of Forgiveness: A Promise of Peace
by Carolyn CJ Jones

In these troubled times, The Art of Forgiveness is a breath of fresh, welcome thoughts and ideas. You learn techniques to move beyond the stress, anxiety, and resentment that is likely part of your life today, to a place of gratitude and positivity. When you finish this heartwarming, inspiring book, you experience more self-esteem and confidence. Your relationships with others and yourself improve. You become able to access happiness and joy. You learn of the  author's own journey that resulted in peace and freedom after 40 years of anger and bitterness. You now know it's possible to move beyond strife to that place where you're peaceful and free.