Fortune smiles on first-time Omani woman customer of Rafeeq, bags grand draw prize

Oman Saturday 13/March/2021 20:01 PM
By: Times News Service
Fortune smiles on first-time Omani woman customer of Rafeeq, bags grand draw prize

Muscat: A customer who ordered from Rafeeq for the first time just a few weeks ago has won a brand new 2020 Nissan Kicks in the online supermarket’s grand draw.

Muscat resident Hind Al Balushi was taken aback when told she had won the car, and is waiting to take possession of her winnings.

“When I first received the call, I thought it was a joke, I did not believe it,” she admitted to Times of Oman.

“I told my family the same thing, and they too did not think it was true. I however then decided to check Rafeeq’s Instagram page, and I found out that it was indeed true…I had won a car.”

“I still cannot believe I have won a car. This is the first time I have won anything in a draw of this kind. I have entered many of these kinds of competitions before, so to win a car as my first prize is really amazing,” she added.

Although Hind and her family are over the moon for her success, she is still not quite sure about what to do with the new car, since she already has one of her own. There are, however, others who are quite happy to take it off her hands, should she decide not to keep it for herself.

“My niece just received her driver’s licence, so she has asked me if she can have the car,” said Hind.

“I have not decided what to do with this car, but I would be happy to give it to her, if she really wants it. She is very close to me…almost like my own daughter.

“When I shopped on Rafeeq, I did not know there was a draw on, but a few days later, I came across advertisements for their raffle draw,” she said.

“I prayed that I would win it, but I never expected those prayers to come true and be answered.” Rafeeq, which delivers more than 14,000 products in a 3,500 square kilometre radius around Muscat, turned out to be a very convenient way for Hind Al Balushi to shop for her home and family.

“The service they provide is really, really good,” she said. “Rafeeq helps me get all of the things my family needs and all of the items I need to run my household from one location, so it makes my job very easy. It is very simple to order online from them.

“I have been recommending them to all my friends ever since I started using Rafeeq a few weeks ago, and I am very happy with their quality of service and products,” she added. “After this win, I will definitely be shopping more from them. Hopefully, I may be able to win a few more things in the future as well.”

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