Oman health: Guard against juvenile diabetes

Lifestyle Sunday 17/January/2016 11:37 AM
By: Times News Service
Oman health: Guard against juvenile diabetes

Exposure to junk food and leading a sedentary lifestyle without much physical activity can cause juvenile diabetes among children, cautions Dr Gopakumar Nirmalan, diabetologist, Al Hayat International Hospital

What is juvenile diabetes and who is prone to develop this?
Juvenile diabetes is a hereditary condition where the pancreas does not secrete insulin from birth.

Is this a hereditary disorder that passes down to every subsequent generation?
Yes, most commonly it is hereditary. It can also occur when the pancreas get destroyed as in auto immune diseases or after a viral fever or when accidentally consuming some poisons. If the parents are both type 1 diabetic, the chances of the child getting diabetes type 1 are high, but not always.

What change in lifestyle is necessary for those with juvenile diabetes?
The lifestyle changes are like any other diabetes patient. As these generally are seen among the younger population, curtailing the junk food, potato fries, carbonated sweetened beverages, reducing the sedentary lifestyle with less time spent on the couch with electronic gadgets are important.

Can this disorder be eliminated totally in adulthood?
No, as of today, this disorder cannot be eliminated totally in adulthood.

Are obese children prone to develop juvenile diabetes?
No, obesity can predispose to type 2 diabetes generally.