Fun and informative for your reading delight

T-Mag Wednesday 03/March/2021 15:40 PM
By: NewsUSA
Fun and informative for your reading delight

How To Be A Badass Vigilante: Book One
By Michael Anderle

When given power, what would you be willing to sacrifice for the greater good? Fed up with playing the normal game, , ex-soccer star, ex-popular and mostly broke Kera MacDonagh changed her life when she read How to be a Badass Witch and shockingly, the spells worked. She barely made it out of the first few weeks of on-the-job training before her powers got her in trouble. Hunted as a magical vigilante, the Kims sacrificed to keep her safe. Kera hunts criminals in the darkness of LA, but will she be able to hide the signature of her powers, too? Will magic be enough to help her come out on top?

No More Dodging Bullets
By Amy Herrig

After overcoming drug addiction as a teenager, Amy Herrig faced a different addiction 20 years later: money. She and her father were thriving as small business owners in Dallas when a government lawsuit threatened to take everything -- their businesses, their money, and their freedom. Accused of crimes she hadn't committed, Amy fought to stay out of prison, but that wasn't all. From one life-altering change after another, she gained a new perspective on herself and on what matters most in life. From an exhausting and demoralising situation came a new outlook of gratitude, but also remorse and humility.

Red Souls
By Susan F. Banks

Called a creative and entertaining new novel ... artfully combines the best elements of science fiction, paranormal, fantasy, and magical realism into a suspenseful and imaginative story with a tasty dose of romance. The reader has access to a wonderful new world with ... strange phenomena and intriguing characters. Willet, a young woman with abnormally sensitive hearing, is recruited by a 165-year-old Astral Master named Gem to help her drive Red Souls out of Los Angeles. Red Souls attack the minds and emotions of humans who succumb to violence, dread and despair. Gem must form a Circle to fight the astral attacks. Willet, her sister and the men they love create a fighting force powerful enough to defeat an ancient evil.

By Dr. Augustus White III

 Twenty inspiring profiles of men and women who've defied the odds to overcome adversity. The COVID-19 has changed our lives forever, confronting us with an adversity like none we have known in our lifetimes. Where can we find the resilience to overcome the changes forced upon us? The answers lie in Overcoming and the lessons we can learn from everyday heroes who found the strength to persevere through life crises that threatened to overwhelm them, just as we feel overwhelmed today. Groundbreaking physician Dr. Augustus White III, no stranger to adversity himself, has fashioned an essential manual on not only surviving in a post-coronavirus world, but even thriving in it, as those in this book have.