Muscat best city for expats: Survey

Oman Thursday 25/February/2021 09:03 AM
Muscat best city for expats: Survey

Berlin: the Germany-based InterNations Organisation has classified Muscat as the Best Arab City for Expats to Live, according to its 2020 Survey, details of which have been released  in its website.

Muscat has bagged the 14th place at the world level and the first at the Arab countries' level followed by Doha in the second place at the Arab countries' level. InterNations said that the survey comprised 15000 respondents, representing 173 nationalities and living in 181 countries or areas, around the world.

InterNations added that the survey has focused on two fields; the quality of urban lifestyle and the interest for living a more prosperous and sustainable life. It also focused on stability, finance and housing among other aspects.