Authentic Turkish Food Night at Hormuz Grand Muscat, A Radisson Collection Hotel

Roundup Wednesday 24/February/2021 14:52 PM
By: Times News Service
Authentic Turkish Food Night at Hormuz Grand Muscat, A Radisson Collection Hotel

Muscat: The Turkish Food Night at Hormuz Grand Muscat is all set to celebrate the food culture of Turkey. Keeping all the COVID-19 protocols and safety rules in place, this event will be held on February 27 and is sure to take you on a delightful Turkish culinary journey.

“The aim behind holding such a special night is that Hormuz Grand Muscat is known not only for its luxury and distinction but also for the uniqueness of the taste of the food it offers," said Hormuz Grand Hotel Executive Chef Thierry Quintric.

"Many guests come here for specific dining experiences. Our Kitchen Team always strives to provide the best authentic food, reason why today you will find different food theme such as the best of Indian cuisine with our restaurant “Qureshi Bab Al-Hind” with the most famous chefs in India, the Qureshi brothers. We also have some theme nights in our OMNY restaurant such as Sushi night with our Chef Ye Aung from Myanmar, a specialist in Sushi for many years, but not only….Therefore to provide more of this diversity and uniqueness, we sought to provide some special nights.

"Behind all preparations for that event, we have our Turkish Chef Fevzi Aytac, who has a long and distinguished experience as he worked in several famous hotels, the last of which was Six Senses Zighy Bay here in Oman," he added. "Chef Fevzi will ensure to offer you a unique and authentic food journey. We are excited to showcase for your satisfaction a rich buffet with Traditional Turkish dishes especially the ones made in the traditional Ottoman style, with their distinct methods of preparation and flavours. That unique experience will also come with Fevzi, as he will be available for you during dinner to personally carve your cut of meat for you, and explain to you the intricate details of how our delicious food is made.”

The menu will showcase more than thirty varieties of Turkish cuisine: a large offering of diverse and rich food starting from various mezzes to the main course featuring dolma, doner, grill, iskandar, adana kebab, shawarma and many others along with a variety of desserts.

“We have so many different dishes in Turkish food influenced by the Ottoman Empire," said Thierry. "We find more than 150 types of mezzes, and of course, some of them will be available during this Turkish night. This is the first time that we've had a night for Turkish food, but we are confident that it will not be the last and we will continue to host such events in future because our aim is to diversify what we offer to our guests and make sure we stay authentic.”

“We know that many citizens and residents of Oman love Turkish food and that some restaurants in Muscat offer Turkish food, but many people still define Turkish food as one that combines the original distinctive taste with quality and added value. Our idea is to present all of that, supported by the presence of the expert Turkish chef, Fevzi," said Thierry.

"The products that will be used to prepare the food will be mostly from Oman as we encourage local products and seasonal availability! We trust in the success of our Turkish Buffet Evening. The goal behind that exclusive night is to, later on, organise a Turkish Food Festival, which will run for several days."