Flying to India? Here’s what a COVID test on arrival could cost you

Oman Wednesday 24/February/2021 13:55 PM
By: Times News Service
Flying to India? Here’s what a COVID test on arrival could cost you

Muscat: Passengers flying to India can expect to shell out between INR 800 (about OMR 4) and INR 3,000 (OMR 15) for an on-arrival PCR test, depending on the airport at which they will be landing.

According to Emirates, which has published a list of the major international airports offering COVID tests to passengers, a test at Ahmedabad will only cost passengers INR 800 per person.

Conversely, a PCR test at Devanahalli International Airport in Bengaluru will set you back INR 3,000, should you choose the express option, which provides results in 30 minutes. A normal PCR test, which will take four hours to process, will only cost you INR 500 (OMR 2.5).

People flying into Chennai are likely to pay between INR 1,200 (OMR 6) and INR 2,500 (OMR 12.5) per test. They are also required to procure a Tamil Nadu e-pass at least 48 hours before departure, to show immigration officials on arrival in India.

“Transfer passengers on arrival who are travelling to other states have to apply for a fresh e‑pass on arrival, and follow other state processes when connecting on to a domestic flight,” said the airline. “Transfer facility of passengers and baggage is currently not available.”

A PCR test at Indira Gandhi International Airport in the capital, New Delhi, will require passengers to fork out INR 800 (OMR 4) per head.

“Passengers who have to wait for their results before their connecting flights must pay for the lounge cost at approximately INR 2,600 (OMR 13) per person,” said Emirates.

Rajiv Gandhi International Airport in Hyderabad also has a waiting lounge for people while they expect their results, but its use will cost them INR 4,200 (OMR 21) per person, in addition to the INR 1,000 (OMR 5) for a PCR test.

All passengers travelling to Kerala (Kochi and Thiruvananthapuram) must also update their details on the COVID‑19 Jagratha portal at least two days before departure. An on arrival PCR test will cost approximately INR 1,500 (OMR 7.5) to 2,000 (OMR 10) per person.

A PCR test in Kolkata will set passengers back about INR 950 (OMR 4.75) per person.

Passengers travelling to Mumbai need to pay INR 850 (OMR 4.25) for a test, but all arrivals to Mumbai whose passports do not display at an address out of the state of Maharashtra, which is also their final destination, will be required to undergo a week-long institutional quarantine at a hotel in Mumbai.

Passengers will be provided another PCR test between the fifth and seventh days of their quarantine. The costs of quarantine and tests must be borne by the passengers themselves. This is to be followed by a further seven days of home-based quarantine.