Sohar Port reveals its CSR report for 2020

Business Tuesday 23/February/2021 17:01 PM
By: Times News Service
Sohar Port reveals its CSR report for 2020

Muscat: Sohar Port and Freezone published its Corporate Social Responsibility report for the year 2020, which outlines the company’s activities to support society and the environment, in accordance with its sustainable strategic plan.

Commenting on the issuance of the report, Mohsin Al Jabri, Executive Manager - Corporate Affairs at Sohar Port and Freezone, said, “During the COVID-19 pandemic the last year we faced several challenges. That being said, we continued to enhance our efforts to reduce the negative impact on our employees, tenants and the local community. We were successful in mitigating the effects, together with the support and collaboration of concerned entities, while simultaneously carrying out various activities on other fronts to support segments of society and to protect the environment. We are delighted to announce our annual report, which reinforces the commitment of Sohar towards focusing on social activities, in conjunction with our corporate efforts. Together, we look forward to another year of success in 2021.”

The annual CSR report was divided into 5 sections. These included a focus on activities related to combating the effects of COVID-19 and the provision of support to the local community. Other sections comprise sports initiatives to promote a healthy lifestyle, as well as the support of cultural and environmental programmes.

“Sohar seeks to strengthen its social efforts, in line with a sustainable strategy that aims to yield significant results in the long run. Therefore, our focus areas are divided into several sectors that cover society, education, health, entrepreneurship and the environment. These activities are implemented either as part of initiatives launched by Sohar or as a joint effort with other entities that share the same objectives. We believe that through the implementation of these programmes, we can strengthen cooperation with all our shareholders and tenants, in turn, further enhancing the desired impact of these social activities,” Mohsin added.