Oman tourism: A weekend getaway to Al Batinah farms

T-Mag Wednesday 25/May/2016 18:26 PM
By: Times News Service
Oman tourism: A weekend getaway to Al Batinah farms

Oman’s Batinah Region is known as the green belt of Oman, thanks to the presence of hundreds of farms. I recently spent a day at one such farm, Al Ajmi Gardens, in Sohar. The lush green environment, swaying palms, and orchards laden with ripe fruits provided the perfect background for an early summer weekend outing.

Pack your bags and head to Sohar. It is a pleasure to drive on the empty roads on quiet Friday mornings. Enjoy the three-hour drive and take tea or coffee breaks at regular intervals.

09.30 Mussanah is the ideal place to stop for breakfast. The restaurants on either side of the roundabout offer Omani, Indian, and Pakistani dishes at cheap prices.

11.00 Check into on of the six well-maintained bedrooms at the farm house at Ajmi Gardens, which is built on an area of more than 8,000 square metres. You will feel like you are entering an oasis thanks to the green cover.

12.00 After checking in, order your lunch, you can tell the waiter your preferred time for food delivery.

12.30 Put on your swimming trunks and head to the indoor swimming pool. Spend an hour cooling down in the well-maintained pool.

13.30 Enjoy a sumptuous lunch in the spacious dining hall and go back to your room for a nap.

15.00 After your siesta, the sun will be waning, making it a great time to take a trip around the farm to see the resident dog, rabbit, cat, duck, chicken, peacock, deer, monkey, camel, cow, and goat.

17.00 If you wish to know how agricultural labourers make the land fertile, you can visit the large vegetable farms where they grow cabbage, cauliflower, long beans, brinjal, tomato, banana, tapioca, carrot, mango, curry leaf, papaya, drumstick, bitter gourd, and cucumber.

19.00 Play a game of football or cricket on the lawn and watch it transform into a party area where you can prepare barbecue and spend your evening lying on the natural green carpet looking up at the moon and counting the stars.

09.00 Sleep late and then wander down to the dining room for a freshly prepared breakfast.

10.00 Take one last lap around the pool to cool down before your drive back to Muscat.

12:00 Check-out of the hotel and enjoy a relaxed drive back to Muscat.

13:00 Stop at the Millennium Resort Mussanah (+968 2687 1555 ) for a relaxing lunch.

16:30 Arrive home in Muscat refreshed and with plenty of time to prepare for the week to come.
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