New Mercedes-Benz S-Class: Automotive luxury experienced in a completely new way

Roundup Monday 15/February/2021 15:08 PM
By: Times News Service
New Mercedes-Benz S-Class: Automotive luxury experienced in a completely new way

Muscat: Mercedes-Benz Oman is pleased to present the new S-Class. Defining the luxury segment in the automobile industry, the new S-Class can be experienced with all the senses – seeing, feeling, hearing and smelling – while offering numerous innovations in the areas of driver assistance, protection and interaction.

Mercedes-Benz is shaping the next generation of individual mobility with innovations that place the focus on people. The new S-Class uses digitisation for a car that responds empathetically to the needs and wishes of its driver and passengers.

"Starting the year on a high note we are excited to be bringing the new S-Class to our discerning customers in Oman,” said Shaun Michael, Chief Executive Officer at Mercedes-Benz Oman. “The S-Class is considered the world’s best-selling luxury sedan and one of our most sought out cars in the Sultanate and we are confident that this latest generation with its forward-thinking technology and safety features coupled with its uncompromising comfort and quality will far surpass expectations.”

Modern luxury attains the next level in the interior of the S-Class. The designers have created a feel-good ambience with lounge character marked by elegance, high quality and lightness. The dashboard with its new architecture, modern surface design and ergonomic display arrangement is a particular highlight. But the feel-good aspect goes even deeper: with high ride quality and low noise levels as well as an extensive range of Energising Comfort programmes, the S-Class looks after the well-being of its passengers. They also stay fit thanks to the effective air filtering system, which signals its newly gained capability with the new name Energising Air Control.

The new Mercedes-Benz S-Class has become more intelligent in many areas, and the driving experience is at the next level. Digital innovations such as in MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience) are joined by innovations that increase driving enjoyment while making driving even safer: among them is rear-axle steering with a large steering angle and safety innovations such as the rear airbag.

As a new function of PRE-SAFE® Impulse Side, the active E-ACTIVE BODY CONTROL suspension can raise the vehicle body (on both sides) just before an impending side impact. Following systematic further development, the driving assistance systems are a further step towards autonomous driving. Thanks to improved environmental sensors, for example, the parking systems give the driver even better support when manoeuvring at low speed. The integration into MBUX means that the level of visualisation has now entered a whole new dimension.

The loyalty rate for this model series is especially high. For example, in the region, more than 80% of customers who previously drove an S-Class once again opted for a Mercedes-Benz model. Around the world the S-Class Sedan is predominantly sold in the long-wheelbase version: Around 9 out of 10 customers opt for the long version of the S-Class Sedan, which is standard in the region.