Muscat Festival 2016: Amerat Park Heritage Village provides glimpse of traditional Omani life

Oman Saturday 16/January/2016 21:56 PM
By: Times News Service
Muscat Festival 2016: Amerat Park Heritage Village provides glimpse of traditional Omani life

Muscat: Heritage Village at Amerat Park provides a glimpse of traditional Omani lifestyle to visitors.
Visitors experience a living example of traditional Omani life and culture. A tour of the Village helps visitors receive a picture of life from Oman’s past, as well as the well-maintained traditions Oman is known for.
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The Village has become the area’s largest attraction, drawing residents, Omanis and foreign visitors.
Heritage Village includes examples of industries and professions that were part of early Omani history. This helps the younger generation learn about the legacy of ancient and traditional occupations. Some of these professions have been displayed here to showcase their importance in Omani society.
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“I was born and raised in Muscat city and have never been to the interior before, but Heritage Village helps me to know about Oman’s arts and culture,” said resident Mohammed Alam.
Heritage Village also allows visitors to ride donkeys and enjoy shopping in its many shops,which sell traditional perfumes, incense and clothing.
One of the traditional Omani industries hosted by Heritage Village is the making of Omani halwa. It is one of the popular foods in Arab society and is served at a variety of events, such as Eids and weddings. Omani coffee also is popular at festivals and is a symbol of Omani generosity.
Tillage is also on display. It is a very old profession, rarely seen, in which oxen were used for tilling the soil. Perhaps, modern machines are the reason for its disappearance.
Handmade pottery items are also on display in the Village.
“The pottery is shaped by hand and then baked in a traditional underground kiln for two to three days. It is again dried in the sun before it is put up for sale,” a potter said.
Other Omani skills,such as rope making, traditional games and folk arts,can be seen at the Village.
Omani women dressed in traditional attire can be seen selling perfumes, incense, food and other items at the Village.
Taking a tour of the market at Heritage Village also helps visitors understand the pride Omanis have in presenting their traditional products to the world.
Further, Omanis appreciate the efforts of the Muscat Municipality to allow them to exhibit their products, which are then introduced to the younger generation and expat community in the Sultanate.