Dar Al Atta’a gets award for helping humanity in Gulf region

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By: Times News Service
Dar Al Atta’a gets award for helping humanity in Gulf region

Muscat: Dar Al Atta’a Association has received its second award for humanitarian services in the Gulf region.
Maryam Al Zadjali, chairperson of Dar Al Atta’a Association, received the ‘Leading Charity Association’ award for the whole GCC area. In preparation for 2017, Dar Al Atta’a plans to focus more on individual donors to help continue the gift of giving.
“I’m really happy that we have been honoured with this award, this will allow us to keep giving like we have been. When somebody does something nice, they don’t wait for people to say thank you, but receiving such an award makes us feel valued and recognized for our hard work over the years. It’s a beautiful feeling,” Al Zadjali said.
While some companies are downsizing due to the oil crises, Dar Al Atta’a is looking to hire more people. Marketing Director May Al Bayat believes that the more the company expands
the more staff members the company needs.
“We are creating more programmes to get donations from individuals, and not focus so much on corporations. We are actually looking to recruit more and expanding outside Muscat. The whole association has around 22 staff members, and less than ten are actually working in an office,” Al Bayat said.
“I think I am more proud that an Omani association can compete on the same level as the rest of the GCC. The staff at Dar Al Atta’a works professionally all the way from the board members to volunteers. I think professionalism is still a new concept in Oman and I’m happy that we are able to represent Oman in this way,” Al Zadjali added.
For the last fourteen years, Dar Al Atta’a has been working hard to help those in need. Below are some of the reasons why Dar Al-Ata’aa has been recognized as the Leading Charity Organisation for the whole GCC region:
Domestic: 57 new houses have been built, 347 houses maintained, 7,455 families supplied families with furniture and appliances and 363 people were provided medical devices.
Children: 27,905 school uniforms were donated, 38,156 school bags donated, 13,995 daily school meals supplied, and 116 full and partial scholarships
The charity still continued giving even for religious holidays and circumstances: 12267 families received Eid clothes, 28763 families received Ramadan Rations, 2047 families received Eid udhiya, 1300 people received daily iftar.
The association has two main projects under their wing focusing on both sustainability and empowerment.
This umbrella has lead to the construction of two community centers, training 9843 people and building/furnishing 15 pre-school classes.