Houses in Dhofar represent traditional Omani architecture

Oman Saturday 30/January/2021 20:56 PM
Houses in Dhofar represent traditional Omani architecture

Salalah: The traditional architecture of Dhofar Governorate represents one of the ancient Islamic arts when travellers visiting Dhofar in ancient times wrote about the unique architectural designs seen in palaces, houses and mosques, mainly in the Grand Mosque in the old city of Dhofar (Al Baleed).

They have also described the design of Al Ribat Mosque and its unique architectural structure.

Abdullah bin Ali Al A’alian, a researcher in history,  said that the archeological heritage of Dhofar was rich with Islamic designs which included marvellous Islamic geometric patterns.

He said that the traditional Omani patterns and formations have added to the beauty of Islamic architectural designs.

"The arches in the old buildings have been skillfully employed to add to the beauty of the external designs of old buildings. The doors of buildings in Dhofar have received attention and care with traditional Omani formations and shapes seen in the form of triangles, squares and other shapes, he said, adding that this is particularly seen on the doors of old houses in the wilayats of Salalah, Taqa, Mirbat and other areas”.

Due care has also been accorded to windows as they have beautiful geometric patterns.