Oman Flour Mills issues statement regarding flour, fodder products

Oman Friday 29/January/2021 18:52 PM
By: Times News Service
Oman Flour Mills issues statement regarding flour, fodder products
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Muscat: Oman Flour Mills company has issued a statement regarding the current prices of flour and fodder products.

A statement issued online by Oman Flour Mills company said, "We express our deep regret for what the current price hike may cause for flour and fodder products, and we assure that once world prices stabilize, our products will return to what they were. We also assure that the prices of our baked products will remain the same."

The company also said, "We would like to clarify to our customers that the increase in the current pricing for flour and fodder products came as a result of the sharp rise in the prices of raw materials globally."

"The company has taken all available measures to avoid raising the prices of its products. In the current period, the global market situation has deviated a lot from stability, which necessitated the company to raise prices temporarily for the continued availability of products in the local markets."

"The amount of the increase in the price of flour of all kinds is as follows: 30 baisa for 1.5 kilos, 100 baisa for 5 kilos, 200 baisa for 10 kilos," the statement added.