We Love Oman: The stunning views of Wadi Al Nakhr

Oman Sunday 17/January/2021 21:09 PM
By: Times News Service
We Love Oman: The stunning views of Wadi Al Nakhr

Wadi Al Nakhr in  Al Hamra, is one of the many tourist attractions of the Sultanate. Considered to be a vital artery of one of the most important valleys of Al Hamra it is one of the deepest valleys in Oman and directly affects the reservoir of groundwater.

Located in A’Dakhiliyah, waters of the valley formed during the ancient times formations of the mountain layers, so that the visitor can see them closely and even touch the rock layers, which scientists estimate to have been formed before over 30 million years ago.

The valley consists of several branches, the most important ones are Wadi Masairah, Wadi A’Sab, Wadi Bin Rumman and Wadi Sidran. An ideal tourist destination for mountaineering and hiking, one can find many hiking trails in this area.

Located about 5 kilometres from Al Hajir village is Al Nakhr village. The two villages located in the heart of the valley are characterized by charming nature, green orchards and old neighbourhoods.

The valley is distinguished by the evergreen greenery, the beauty of nature, the calm, and the cool air in the summertime. Water is available throughout the year, and there are clear and fresh water pools that are surrounded by diverse trees.

The valley is also characterised by the existence of high mountains around it, making it one of the most important tourist attractions.

The wildlife of the valley, which extends for a distance of 7 kilometers, is abundant in the presence of many Sidr and Acacia tortilis trees, as well as palm, lemon and mango.