Oman health: Royal Hospital launches specialised medical unit for children

Oman Tuesday 24/May/2016 15:05 PM
By: Times News Service
Oman health: Royal Hospital launches specialised medical unit for children

Muscat: A new specialised medical unit for children and teenagers aged 10-18 was launched by Royal Hospital to promote healthcare in the Sultanate.
The first-of-its kind medical unit aims to provide specialised medical treatment, guidance and counseling for young people.
The unit will also create awareness in the community about the different illnesses associated with children of that age as well as causes, symptoms, treatment and prevention.
Dr. Nahid Jaber, Head of the Department, said, “This age group is considered the most important age which dictates behavioral, medical and psychological qualities of children.”
“The international community must shift their focus on this age group and raise awareness about the correct way to deal with teenage behavior in addition to creating a specialised ward in health institutions,” added Jaber.
The Royal Hospital is among the first in the Middle East to open such a medical unit and Jaber said it “benefits a large portion of the Omani society”.
“The unit will provide medical, specialised and counseling services to patients where we will welcome them from transfers from health centers across the Sultanate. Then we will profile the patient and determine the appropriate treatment for them,” said Jaber.
Jabir explained that the creation of the unit raises teenagers’ awareness, whether male or female, about the bodily changes as well as hormone changes that are associated with puberty.
Teaching the children about certain diseases and illnesses they might contract and how to prevent them, as well as encouraging them to commit to a healthy diet for a healthier lifestyle and teaching them how to cope with illnesses and the importance of following the doctor’s instructions are also part of the unit’s services.
“We will also raise awareness about the dangers of the addiction to electronic devices and social media as it triggers psychological problems such as anxiety, depression, violence and wrong behavior which could lead the teenagers to drinking and smoking as well as taking drugs,” said Jabir.