Over a million people benefited from government sports facilities

Oman Tuesday 05/January/2021 14:34 PM
By: Times News Service
Over a million people benefited from government sports facilities

Muscat: Over a million people have benefited from the government sports facilities in the Sultanate till the end of 2019, according to the fifth issue of the Sports Statistics Bulletin released by the National Centre for Statistics and Information (NCSI).  

According to the bulletin, the total number of government sports facilities in the Sultanate reaches 67 at the end of 2019.

The NCSI sports statistics bulletin shows that the largest number of these facilities was of sports clubs, which reached 44, recording 66% of the total government sports facilities, followed by 12 sports complexes and 11 sports centres.

It also shows that the number of those benefiting from the sports complexes till the end of 2019 reached 1,191,982 people, of which 874,038 were males and 317,944 were females, compared to 1,073,989 people in 2018, with 809,763 males and 264,226 females. The number of people who attended games in sports complexes in 2019 decreased to 690,667 attendants, compared to 1,073,989 in the previous year, recording a decline of 36%.

The fifth issue of the sports bulletin points out that the sports activity in the Sultanate during the year 2019 witnessed about 158 competitions and championships,78 training courses, 84 camps, and 12 conferences and seminars.

The Oman Athletic Association ranked top among other Omani sports associations in terms of the number of medals won by the national teams, reaching 43 medals. This was followed by Omani Shooting associations with 26 medals, Omani Swimming Association with 22 medals, Oman Tennis Association with 6 medals and the Oman camel racing federation with 6 medals, Oman Volleyball Association with 5 medals and Oman Hockey Association with 3 medals, the Oman Equestrian Federation and Omani Handball Association with 2 medals each and the Oman Football Association with one medal.

According to NCSI data, the total number of sports activities carried out by the sports committees till the end of 2019 reached 59, while the total medals achieved by the committees reached 228, of which 121 were for the Oman Committee for Weightlifting, 44 medals for the Oman Paralympic Committee, 13 medals for the Oman Bodybuilding Committee, 13 medals for Oman Sailing Committee, 9 medals for Oman Billiards and Snooker Committee, 8 medals for the Omani Bowling Committee, 6 medals for the Oman Golf Committee, and 5 medals for the Oman Taekwondo Committee. The Oman Cycling Association, the Omani Committee for Sepak takraw, kabaddi and woodball, the Omani Committee for University Sports and Oman Fencing Committee won two medals each, while the Omani Committee for Table Tennis won one medal.

The number of participants in summer activities reached 78,173, with most of them in the summer of sports by 34,308 persons, while 21,310 people participated in encouraging your team program and about 21,226 people participated in the youth program. As many as 671 persons participated in the club's competition for INSHAD, and 622 participants in the activities of youth club camps.

The number of players with disabilities registered in sports activities reached 90 players, including 84 males and 6 females, while 28 out of them were using a wheelchair in playing basketball, 26 players in athletics for the disabled, 20 players in gymnasiums, 10 players in football for the blind, and 6 in goal football games for the blind persons.