Al Shumoos Medical Centre resumes requests for COVID-19 tests

Oman Monday 04/January/2021 19:22 PM
By: Times News Service
Al Shumoos Medical Centre resumes requests for COVID-19 tests

Muscat: Al Shumoos Medical Centre has announced the resumption of receiving requests for COVID-19 tests from Monday, 4th January 2021. 

A statement issued by Al Shumoos Medical Centre said, ”With the cooperation of the competent authorities inside and outside the Sultanate, the ban on the results of the Covid 19 tests issued by the Shumoos Medical Centre at all land outlets in the United Arab Emirates has been lifted.”

The statement completed, ”This came after clarifying the circumstances of the case. Therefore, we inform all our customers of community members that the centre and all its branches located in the wilayats of the Sultanate, Ma’abilah, Barka, Sohar and Buraimi will receive requests for tests from today.”

“Our thanks go to all those who supported us and stood with us on this issue, asking God Almighty to continue to provide more services to this country under our wise leadership,” the statement added.

This comes after Al Shumoos Medical Centre published a statement on the third of January 2021 that some weak souls forged the seals of the Health Ministry and Al Shumoos Medical Center, as well as forging the Covid-19 travel certificates issued by the centre, and this disgraceful behaviour led to the cessation of receiving reports issued from the centre at Hatta land port border temporarily until further notice.