SwitchED: One-of-a-kind virtual global classroom

Roundup Sunday 03/January/2021 15:02 PM
By: Times News Service
SwitchED: One-of-a-kind virtual global classroom

Dubai: SwitchEd, a pioneering endeavour presents a one-of-a-kind online learning solution. A virtual learning platform that connects 50+ international expert educators with students from all over the world. SwitchED offers programmes for age groups 2-18 years and also some for adults, all on a single platform.

With over 100 curated programmes, of varying lengths based on the subject. SwitchED provides easy to choose, affordable and quality learning with a wide variety of class formats including a masterclass, camps, one-on-one classes, group sessions, webinars, and unique topics like Forensics, Astronomy, Art Appreciation, College Application Essay, Portfolio Preparation and STEAM.

Most options in the region are focused on specific subjects or age groups. SwitchED introduces a plethora of options, all on one platform. For families where parents have chosen to take the homeschooling route for younger children, SwitchED provides the perfect accessory tools to build their gross motor and fine motor skills through their Early Years Enrichment programmes.

SwitchED’s approach is three-pronged: understanding a student's needs, identifying their topic of interest, and matchmaking them with the most appropriate world-class educators. Technology-driven, their meticulously vetted teachers focus on creating bespoke formats to craft the most engaging and interactive experiences for students, ensuring they make the most of their virtual time. And of course, all this at competitive prices and from the safety of one's own home.

Touted as "the coolest new after-school club", SwitchED offers the co-curricular learning that schools are struggling to provide during the pandemic.

"As parents, it was a constant search to find the right engagement. And with nothing cohesive available, the experience was exhausting and rarely fruitful. It was the reason we founded SwitchED," say founders Sholeen Carrimjee (Dubai, UAE) and Moneesha Vahanvati (Mumbai, India).

Bringing their tech and marketing experience to the table, in less than 6 months the dynamic duo has built with SwitchED a network of teachers and students spanning over a dozen countries worldwide, proving that geographical boundaries are no longer a barrier for learning at any age.

Welcome to this new virtual world. It’s time to embrace LFH (Learn From Home).

This holiday season, sign your children up at www.switched.org for the special winter camps and courses and bring in a safe, healthy and progressive New Year.

Its website address: www.switched.org and Instagram https://www.instagram.com/switchedonline/