Over 7,000 people vaccinated, no side-effects: Minister of Health

Oman Sunday 03/January/2021 12:20 PM
By: Times News Service
Over 7,000 people vaccinated, no side-effects: Minister of Health

Muscat :Dr. Ahmed Mohammed Al Sa’eedi, Minister of Health, has said that 7,600 people have been vaccinated against coronavirus (COVID-19) and that, so far, no unknown side-effects were reported. He added that the vaccine (PfizerbioNTech) has been distributed in all governorates of the Sultanate and that it is safe and secure.  

In a statement to Oman News Agency (ONA), the minister, who went on tour of Bausher Polyclinic, said that there was a large turnout of citizens and residents wishing to get the vaccine on Sunday, the 8th day of the immunisation campaign that kicked off last Sunday.

Dr. Ahmed reaffirmed that Oman has an established immunisation record and that the Sultanate topped a total of 127 countries in the management of immunisations. No vaccine was introduced in the Sultanate before consulting specialised studies and clinical experiences. Vaccines given in Oman are registered in their countries of origin, he added.

As many as 4 million people took PfizerbioNTech and, so far, no serious side-effects have been registered, said Dr. Ahmed, who urged target segments of society to take the vaccine, in health centres, and to ignore rumours. He reminded all to keep wearing face masks, wash hands with soap or detergents and to maintain physical distance.

Meanwhile, Dr. Hanan Al-Mahrooqi, Head of Bausher Polyclinic, said that many citizens and residents have responded to the immunization campaign, which is progressing at a rapid pace.

In a statement to ONA, Dr. Hanan said that COVID-19 immunisation is still in its first phase and that the Ministry of Health, represented by the Directorate General of Health in Muscat Governorate, dedicated certain areas for the reception of segments of entitled COVID-19 recipients.

Dr. Hanan pointed out that certain criteria govern the acceptance of people in immunisation centres, which operate in all days of the week, except on Friday and Saturday, from 9.30 am to 3.30 pm.

Dr. Hanan said that 1,458 took the vaccine in Muscat Governorate.