Finance ministry reduces allowances for government employees

Oman Friday 01/January/2021 08:34 AM
By: Times News Service
Finance ministry reduces allowances for government employees

Muscat: The Ministry of Finance has issued a financial circular canceling a number of allowances and privileges for ministers, Undersecretaries and some employees in government institutions.

The ministry said in a statement that the decision was in continuation of efforts to review the spending in ministries and government units. The decision includes the following:

1. Reduction in allowances granted to employees outside the framework of the unified grades and salaries scale issued by Royal Decree No. 2013/78 in all government units by 50 percent as of April 1, 2021. The allowances include management allowance, structural work nature allowance, nature allowance, administrative work allowance, technical work nature allowance, risk work nature allowance, supplementary allowance, work allowance in Duqm, scarcity allowance, employee allowance, employee services allowance, council allowance, clinic allowance,  device allowance, control allowance and any other allowances granted to the employee according to internal regulations or decisions. In the event that the employee receives more than one allowance with different names, the higher allowance will be reduced by 50 percent and the other allowances will be stopped.  

An exception will be made for the following:
1- The functions of the judicial authority (judges and those of similar rank)

2- Medical and auxiliary medical jobs in governmental medical institutions (civilian and military)

3- Jobs of the diplomatic corps at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (expatriate allowance)

4- Academics

5- Teachers

6- Air navigation jobs.

2. Stopping the disbursement of all privileges granted to employees outside the framework of the payable salary and its basic allowances as of April 1, including children's education allowance, health insurance, life insurance, clothes allowance, November bonus, salary 13, long service bonus, Ramadan bonus, Eid bonus, bonus of  Masar. This will also apply to their Excellencies the Ministers, Excellencies, the Undersecretaries and those of similar rank.