Oman Food: Go Mangolicious at The Yellow Chilli

Lifestyle Monday 23/May/2016 17:05 PM
By: Times News Service
Oman Food: Go Mangolicious at The Yellow Chilli

One of the very few reasons as to why most people look forward to the summer season is for the love of mangoes. Keeping that in mind Yellow Chilli Oman welcomed the scorching summer wholeheartedly by introducing a month-long Mango Festival in both their outlets. The entire menu tagged as “Mangoes All The Way” has the fruit playing the protagonist sometimes and otherwise just complementing the dish with the right tinge of sweetness. Every dish right from the starters to the desserts is a well thought of gem which makes one fall in love with it from the very first bite. For me the cherry on the cake was the cute anecdotes and stories behind each dish which Chef Manoj Radi narrated while serving the dish.
The menu serves two drinks: the ambi panna cooler and the mango mojito. Both are essential summer drinks that helps quench your thirst as well as get your tastebuds accustomed to the taste of mango. While ambi panna is a popular traditional Indian summer drink, the mango mojito is an interesting fusion which contains mint, green lime, and crushed ice.
The other dishes from the menu that are absolute stunners include aam rass pani poori, aamchur papad nachos, achari murgh tikka, khatti tawa macchi, khatti meethi nalli boti and the star dessert, mango ‘cool-fi’ and malai cream. Pani poora a.k.a gol gappa or fuchka is one of the most common and loved street food in India. But as soon as you put one of these pani pooris in your mouth you are going to be in for a surprising mango explosion. The nachos are papad cut in triangular shape to give it the feel of nachos. While it might be impossible for one to think of having heavy non-vegetarian dishes with mango, it is almost magical how the fruit complements the chicken, fish, and mutton in the menu. While you get the taste of mango the sweetness or tanginess doesn’t overpower the taste of meat that is served. A mango ‘cool-fi’, popularly known as kulfi in India, will get you nostalgic. The malai cream is a mango mousse that will slowly and deliciously melt in your mouth.
Visit Yellow Chilli today if you don’t want to miss out on giving yourself a grand mango feast. The fest ends on the 31st of this month. —