We Love Oman: The Daymaniyat Islands is home to best diving spots

Oman Sunday 20/December/2020 22:11 PM
By: Times News Service
We Love Oman: The Daymaniyat Islands is home to best diving spots

Rich in many types of coral reefs, including rare corals, The Daymaniyat Islands Reserve, lies 18 km off the shores of Barka and is 70km west of Muscat.

The Ministry of Heritage and Tourism, describing the reserve, said in a statement, "The reserve is a group of nine islands with a total area of 100 hectares. It is distinguished by its beautiful beaches, white sands and clear blue waters. It also includes rare groups of coral reefs and large numbers of sea turtles which take shelter in the islands to lay eggs and nest. There are countless migratory and settlement birds too which can be seen here.”

The island is an archipelago of nine islands including Kharaba, Big Mountain, Small Mountain, Mamlaha, Lumia, Qesma, Aljon, and Awald Jon. You can find different types of wild plants growing here. The Daymaniyat Islands Reserve is also a  perfect habitat for the nesting birds like the red-billed tropicbird (phaethon aethereus), osprey (pandion haliaetus), roseate tern (sterna dougallii), white-cheeked Tern (sterna repressa), bridled tern (sterna anaethetus), sooty tern (sterna fuscata) and common noddy (anous stolidus).

There are also various types of marine weeds and algae — sources of food for turtles and mammals. There are many coral species that grow on either the rocky plains or the shattered coral reefs. They provide excellent habitat for the abundant reef fishes that provide the bulk of the harvest by fishermen.Loggerhead turtles nest here in large numbers. One can also find dolphins and whale sharks. The Daymaniyat Islands are also home to some of the country’s best diving spots. According to the Ministry of Tourism, "These islands contain more than 22 known diving sites, in addition to being perfect for snorkelling. Also, some people like to camp in the islands, especially in the period from October to February."