Gailani Art Retreat: Explore Art Therapy in Oman
November 9, 2016 | 5:53 PM
by Salim Al Afifi
Gailani with a participant at Gailani Art Retreat. Photo: Supplied

The Gailani Art Retreat is a unique retreat held monthly at the Grand Hormuz Hotel, where creative spirits meet, greet, and bring out their inner Picassos in a space filled with art vibes and spiritual positivity.

The art retreats were started in 2013 by Ibrahim Gailani, a prominent, successful artist in Oman. His love for art has been a fascinating journey and quite a memorable part of his life, so he wanted to share his passion with the world, and create a platform where people could come together to celebrate their individuality, their unique visions, their horrors, their ambitions, and even their deepest secrets, while connecting with their inner-consciousness in an unbiased and judgement-free environment.

The hugely successful retreats have just completed their fourth year of exploring the healing power of art. Far more than a painting workshop, these retreats are transformative experiences that can help people understand themselves better. They are also fun, music-driven days of creative expression.

What makes these retreats so popular, is that they don’t shy away from controversial and personal topics, which, most of us humans feel the need to share from time to time. Topics that were covered in the past range from love to self-acceptance, in this art-meets-therapy style retreat, in which established artists interact with the participants in hopes of helping them find their way through art. There are often tears.

This creative, personal journey takes the form of a full-day art retreat that is open for anyone at least 16-years-old. Participants are given a topic to express on their canvases while listening to music, from classics, to opera, to popular trance. The session starts with slow-paced music for meditation as the participants begin exploring their minds and starting to paint. As the day goes on, the music becomes louder and more upbeat. After the painting session, participants have the opportunity to share their story with the group, if they so wish.

Each session typically has around 25 participants (sometimes more), who, by the end of the session, have become a big, creative family.

One doesn’t have to be an artist to join. The only requirements are to have a canvas and a paintbrush, a judgement free attitude, and a story to tell, either to yourself, or to the world. [email protected]


OMR20 per person, including lunch buffet, coffee, and refreshments.

What’s Required?

• All participants must bring at least 2 large canvas boards

• A set of brushes

• Acrylic paints

• A rag or cloth

* art supplies will be available to purchase from an independent art supplier at the venue

What’s included?

• Easels will be at the venue

• Water containers for brushes

• Paint mixing plates/palettes

• Disposable paper-cloth rolls for cleaning and texturing

What’s NOT included?

• Paints

• Paintbrushes

• Canvas

Workshop Format

Morning Briefing & Meditation


Painting to Music

3hrs 30min


45 minutes

Afternoon Recap/De-Brief


Painting to Music

2hrs 30min

Joint Group Deliberation on Final Works


Join The Next Retreat on November 19

+968 9760 9925

[email protected]

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