Clarification issued about delay in printing academic curricula

Oman Tuesday 15/December/2020 14:46 PM
By: Times News Service
Clarification issued about delay in printing academic curricula

Muscat: The Ministry of Education has clarified the delay in printing some academic curricula 

A statement issued online by Ministry of Education said: "With reference to the inquiry received by the ministry from some parents about their children not receiving some textbooks, the ministry would like to clarify that this year 2020/2021 has printed 318 academic curricula with only 4 curricula being printed late for the following reasons:

1- The closure of printing institutions during the previous period based on the decisions of the Supreme Committee to deal with COVID-19

2- The commitment of printing establishments to reduce the number of their employees and reduce the number of working hours while allowing them to practice their activities after the closure period.

3- The presence of some workers who work at printing establishments outside the Sultanate and the difficulty of returning to the Sultanate, but the airspace is closed

4- Some workers at printing establishments were infected with the coronavirus, which led to their closure more than once and sterilization of these institutions in order to ensure the safety of workers."

The Ministry also said: "Note that the four curricula referred to above are available in electronic form at the educational portal website:, in addition to all other curricula. Students and parents can refer to them whenever the need arises."

"The Ministry affirms its relentless pursuit to provide these curricula during the coming period and deliver them to students," the statement added