'New Muscat International Airport to boost Oman's economy'

Business Tuesday 24/May/2016 12:20 PM
By: Times News Service
'New Muscat International Airport to boost Oman's economy'

Muscat: New Muscat International Airport opening will have a positive effect on the Sultanate’s economy.
While the new airport will be able to take in 12 million passengers a year, and can be expanded to up to 48 million passengers per year, Dr. Ahmed Mohammad Al Futaisi, Minister of Transport and Communications, believes that the airport would contribute to boosting Oman’s economy.
“Operating the new airport will form a touristic and economic value; especially with the Sultanate heading towards economic diversification which important projects like these will drive it to accomplish,” said Al Futaisi. “Oman’s new airports will supplement the national economy and attract more investments in the Sultanate,” he added.
Al Futaisi also lauded the workforce’s efforts. He thanked more than 20,000 men and women including contractors, counselors and supervisors for their achievements in almost completing the third stage of the airport.
The new Muscat International Airport terminal will have 118 check-in counters for both international and domestic flights and 82 immigration counters, including areas for duty free, retail stores, restaurants and cafés.
The airport is equipped with 40 gates for both departing and arriving passengers and 29 waiting lounges. 16 additional waiting lounges have been constructed for passengers being transported to aircraft by bus when necessary.
Two new gates have been added to accommodate big aircraft such as the Boeing 747 and Airbus A380 considering the amount of passengers each aircraft carries in one go.
There are 10 belts in baggage claim with eight of them for international flights and two for domestic.
The new arrival area will allow public access to restaurants, cafés and retail stores while they wait for their friends or family to arrive as well as giving them a top-down view of passengers claiming their bags from one of the 10 belts.
The 68,000 square metres – 5 level parking area in the north of the airport will be able to hold 1,100 vehicles while the 67,000 square metres parking area will be able to accommodate around 1,200 vehicles.