Oman Air offers more safety, comfort to travellers

Oman Wednesday 02/December/2020 20:16 PM
By: Times News Service
Oman Air offers more safety, comfort to travellers

Muscat: Oman Air is now offering “My Space”, an option which gives Economy Class guests the opportunity to ensure that the seat next to them is vacant. 

The airline’s programme makes it simple to travel with even more comfort and convenience.

When guests check in online 48 hours before their departure, they can select their seats via an interactive seat map and choose the option to ensure at least one seat next to them is vacant.

If the option is not available for guests’ chosen seats, they can select another seat that does have adjacent vacancies. More information is available at

Guests can choose “My Space” until three hours before their flight’s departure time.

Oman Air CEO Abdul Aziz Al Raisi said, “We are committed to providing a safe environment for our guests while offering options that will increase their comfort”.
While the airline offers this choice, which is convenient and safe, it also continues to maintain its comprehensive safety programme throughout all elements of the travel journey, to ensure that guests fly confidently.  

Oman Air Senior Vice President - Revenue Management, Pricing & Distribution Umesh Chhiber said, “Our guests appreciate flexibility and choices while they are travelling. In cooperation with our trusted partner, Plusgrade, we are giving them the opportunity to fly with more space around them”.

Masks are required when guests are on board the aircraft and in Oman’s airports. Distancing is maintained while guests board and exit the aircraft, which are carefully cleaned after each flight and at the end of every day.

Cabin crew all wear a full set of personal protective equipment, meal service has been modified to increase safety and a number of other steps have been taken to ensure that the airline’s guests and crew are safe at all times.

Guests who are planning to depart from Oman should ensure that they are aware of all pre-departure requirements, which are provided at, as well as the requirements at their destinations. 

Guests planning to travel to Oman should ensure they are aware of all requirements, which are posted at the Civil Aviation Authority website,