Zero COVID deaths reported in Oman for the first time since March

Oman Wednesday 02/December/2020 15:17 PM
By: Times News Service
Zero COVID deaths reported in Oman for the first time since March

Muscat: For the first time since March, when the country’s first COVID-19 death was reported, no deaths from the disease have taken place in the country.

The number of deaths in Oman on 2 December were 1,430 people, the same as they were on the first of the month.

“Zero virus deaths from the coronavirus were recorded,” said the Government Communications Centre, in this context. “Let us continue our commitment.”

However, to limit the spread of COVID-19 and reduce the rate of infection, the Ministry of Health has stressed the need to obey the precautionary measures announced in the country.

“Avoid group activities and gatherings, and wear masks,” said the ministry in an advisory. “Maintain a physical distance of at least two metres, and regularly and thoroughly wash hands with water and soap, or clean them with a certified hand sanitiser.”

“Avoid touching your face, nose, mouth and eyes, and avoid going out from your home unless necessary,” the ministry went on to say. “Follow hygiene habits while sneezing or coughing, and adhere to complete isolation if you show symptoms or have been in close contact with a positive case.”

“With our commitment to wearing masks and maintaining social and physical distancing, we will prevent ourselves, our families, and our community from the spread of the coronavirus,” said MOH.