Sinyar issues statement about suspension of freight service

Oman Saturday 21/November/2020 12:04 PM
By: Times News Service
Sinyar issues statement about suspension of freight service
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Muscat: The National Ferries Company "Sinyar" followed what was circulated on social media about suspending the freight service onboard ferries to Musandam Governorate for the trip Shinas - Khasab - Shinas. 

A statement issued online by Sinyar said, "While we assure our valued customers that what has been circulated in this regard is not true, with the assurance that the company continues to provide freight forwarding services that are transported through the merchandise trucks of the commercial establishment, as well as through four-wheel vehicles owned by individuals. The process of booking this service is done in advance through the customer service offices according to the reservations system in force in this regard."

"Taking into account the taking of the goods of individuals whenever there is space onboard the ferry and all passengers are given a freeload for their luggage and bags of 38 kilograms per passenger."

"Note that the company’s specialists are in direct coordination with the offices of their Excellencies and governors in each of the wilayats of Khasab and the wilayats of Dibba with regard to providing its services and determining flight schedules in line with the needs of the people of the governorate ."

"It should be noted that the company has, since the beginning of this year to date, operated 833 maritime voyages in Musandam Governorate, through which about 36,000 passengers and 6050 vehicles/trucks were transported with a freight load of approximately 4000 tons," the statement added.